My History

"I started to play by modeling the fimo one night on the kitchen table, so to try! Immediately I found it interesting and stimulating to work it and since I found myself at home from work because of a disease that gives chronic pain I reinvented myself! In about a year of "game" passing by the markets I created Lerose and was immediately successful! The work is long, manual but creating these unique items for women is extremely fulfilling! There is no limit to fantasy!" With this premise comes the online shop "Le Rose di Pupa" an online store to sell my creations not only in my area but throughout Italy and now also in Europe!

How I working

All my creations are truly unique and crafted in an artisan way! because I don’t use prefabricated molds but model all by hand as you can see from the video, so there is no one product of mine identical to another, so you will always be sure to wear a unique jewel!